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QCAD for technical drawing (Workshop and books)

If you had to choose software to begin working in architectural design, which would be your first choice? Many might think that a BIM solution such as BlenderBIM or FreeCAD…
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FreeCAD 0.21 released

Last week, a new stable release of FreeCAD has been published, tagged 0.21. This release is mostly there to provide a stable point before implementing Toponaming resolution functionality. Toponaming is…
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What is Brickschema and how can I use it? Update: BlenderBIM Add-on’s Brick module.

For the past 8 weeks, I’ve been working on the BlenderBIM Add-on’s Brickschema authoring module as part of the Google Summer of Code Program. I’m pretty new to the schema,…
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Funding for a GIT/IFC Interface in BlenderBIM.

Imagine GIT for IFC files. That is, imagine a tool that keeps track of changes to an IFC file over the duration of a design project–a tool that allows branching…
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Google Summer of Code 2023 starting soon!

Google Summer of Code is an annual programme that helps students and those new to open source software make their first steps into contributing code to software projects. GSoC Contributors…
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CAD Sketcher 0.27.0 for Blender update

CAD Sketcher is an add-on to Blender based on SolveSpace that brings the ability to draw parametrically constrained CAD profiles, arcs, and circles. These sketches may have multiple orientations, and…
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The potential open-source game engine for Blender-BIM

In the AEC industry, integrating game engines into the design process has become increasingly popular due to technological advances. Add-ons such as Enscape, Twinmotion, Lumion and D5 Render provide real-time…
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? IFC-101 – A Free IFC crash course with python

Over the past year, Sigma Dimensions™️ has been releasing free short-format video tutorials on IFC basics. The IFC-101 series contains 10 free episodes taking you from an introduction to the…
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New open source 4D project planning and controls toolkit

There is a new suite of open source 4D project planning and controls libraries developed by Hassam Emam, a professional project planner. Driven by the lack of collaboration in project…
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Whitepaper published on Native IFC methodologies

A new whitepaper has been published on Native IFC methodologies, authored by Bruno Postle, developer of Native IFC software Homemaker, and co-authored by Thomas Krijnen and Dion Moult, developers of…
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