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FreeCAD 0.20 released!

Please welcome the new release of FreeCAD, version 0.20! Installers and images available for Windows, MacOS and Linux on the FreeCAD website and on GitHub. This version is pretty much…
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BabylonJS 5.0 release makes 3D web apps easier than ever

BabylonJS is an open source web developer library to build rich 3D apps on the browser. The new version 5.0 release is one of the largest releases ever made for…
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Inkscape 1.2 released with major improvements in vector design

Inkscape 1.2 is the leading open source vector design program. Based on the SVG open standard, it has applications in AEC from early concept stage architectural design, sheet and technical…
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IFC.js crash course available this week

Have you ever thought about creating your own BIM software? The IFC.js crash course is available for signups for the next few days and will help teach you how to…
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Studio GIB – Open Source Architecture as a business model

JJ_Nelson shares an initiative in open sourcing the architectural design process in his studio, Studio GIB. He is working on designing a table and open air workshop, with an open…
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dotbim – minimalist file format for BIM

Wojciech RadaczyƄski shares: A few days ago there was a release of a open-source, accessible, simple, minimalistic file format for BIM called dotbim (.bim as an extension), that will allow…
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Topologic is now a one-click install for Blender/Sverchok

Topologic has a new milestone release! One of the biggest hurdles for testing and adopting Topologic has been its relative difficult installation. This was due to the particular method we…
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IFC.js is growing and it’s looking for contributions

There is been a while since we last wrote about the launching of IFC.js. Since then, the project has gained traction and has become one of the most exciting Open…
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BRL-CAD Google Summer of Code application page

Google Summer of Code students announced for OpenCAx

OpenCAx is a group of open source projects that applied to participate in Google Summer of Code 2021 (GSoC). Led by BRL-CAD, this group includes FreeCAD, IfcOpenShell and OpenSCAD. The…
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Epic MegaGrants funding awarded to BlenderBIM Add-on

The Epic MegaGrants programme is a financial grant to support projects doing amazing things with the Unreal Engine or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community. We are incredibly…
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