Google Summer of Code students announced for OpenCAx

Google Summer of Code students announced for OpenCAx

BRL-CAD Google Summer of Code application page

OpenCAx is a group of open source projects that applied to participate in Google Summer of Code 2021 (GSoC). Led by BRL-CAD, this group includes FreeCAD, IfcOpenShell and OpenSCAD. The application was successful, and this program will enable students to work in AEC open source projects.

GSoC is a program that introduces students to the world of open source software development, by allowing them to work directly with an open source organization. The students use their summer break to work through 10 weeks on a project, that works as a complementary academic program. It has existed since 2005 and already contributed to a lot of open source projects. We are pleased to welcome the Google Summer of Code students announced for OpenCAx.

Amanjot Singh was selected to work on the development of the Open Geometry Viewer (OGV), which is a web-based application that allows the user to upload models and comment on them. With the mentorship of Daniel Rossberg, this project will focus on bug fixes, some new features and user experience.

Shiv Charan Sharma is going to work in FreeCAD development, mentored by Amritpal Singh. The project aims to automate the reinforcement process of slabs and footings by using the Reinforcement Workbench in FreeCAD.

Artur Tomczak is up to the task of adding IDS (Information Delivery Specification) validation with BCF output to IfcOpenShell. This project is led by Thomas Krijnen. BuildingSmart is about to publish the new IDS and this project’s main goal is to enable IfcOpenShell to validate models against an IDS and to produce Building Collaboration Format (BCF) output using BIMTester.

Also related to BIM, Singh Prabhat was chosen to work on upgrading the BCF libraries to work with the BCF XML 3.0 specification and to connect to BCF API 3.0 servers, with the supervision of Dion Moult and Yorik van Havre.

Abhishek Rawat was selected to work alongside with the mentors Torsten Paul and Ryan Colyer. Their project sets the goal to create an offline documentation for OpenSCAD. Currently, documentation can be accessed at WikiBooks, but it is important to provide offline access to users. The idea is to use the Wiki API to automatically create an offline version of the documentation that can be accessed as HTML and PDF.

The last project counts on Vikram Atreyapurapu to work on the implementation of undo function into libged of BRL-CAD. Sean is in charge of this project, that also aims to implement the transaction based command system, that helps to deal with file corruption and interruptions.

Congratulations to all students and mentors! We are excited to see how these projects develop, and we wish you all a great summer!

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  2. Artur says:

    Great to be a part of it! If you’re interested, I just posted more about my GSoC project on IDS here:

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