IFC.js is growing and it’s looking for contributions

IFC.js is growing and it’s looking for contributions

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There is been a while since we last wrote about the launching of IFC.js. Since then, the project has gained traction and has become one of the most exciting Open Source BIM projects. Now, IFC.js is growing and it’s looking for contributions.

IFC.js, as the name suggests, is a JavaScript library to read and write IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) files. Web development is highly based on JavaScript, which makes this library a powerful tool to turn any web browser into a BIM application. However, it’s parsing engine is based on WebAssembly and C++. This makes IFC.js to have a higher performance than other web-based IFC viewers.

The IFC file format was created by BuildingSmart to enable interoperability between different BIM applications and ease the collaboration between different professionals from the AEC industry. However, IFC has had a poor support from the main proprietary BIM applications, and that is where projects like IFC.js shines. It makes IFC accessible and easy to work with, enabling a new range of possibilities for developers to create truly Open BIM applications

Interoperability is one of the main goals of Open Source developers. Above all, IFC.js is not only a great project, but it’s helping to build an Open BIM ecosystem. They are collaborating with other exciting projects like IfcOpenShell, Blender BIM Addon and Speckle.

If you engage with these ideas, you should consider collaborating with them. IFC.js have plans to scale their project and get more people involved. There are several ways you can contribute. Firstly, if you know C++, WebAssembly or the technical part of IFC you can work on their parsing engine. Secondly, Three.js coders are welcome to work on the geometry side of the library. Finally, you can also contribute by building an application on top of IFC.js.

It is also important to mention that, as in any Open Source project, non-coders are welcome as well. You can contribute in various ways. Join their Discord channel and have a chat with them.

IFC.js in an OS project with potential to have great impact in the industry. Get to know them, spread their work and contribute!

Useful links:

  • Read more about IFC.js in their documentation.
  • Watch this video of IFC.js participation in OSArch Monthly Meetups.
  • Follow Antonio Viegas on Twitter to stay up to date with their news.
  • Join their Discord chanell.

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