IFC.js crash course available this week

IFC.js crash course available this week

Have you ever thought about creating your own BIM software? The IFC.js crash course is available for signups for the next few days and will help teach you how to turn your web browser and more into a BIM app. The course is aimed at beginners, so don’t worry if you haven’t done programming before!

IFC.js is the leading open source developer library for developing Native IFC based viewers, applications, and integrations on the web. It is unique that it uses a technology called WASM, which means that anybody can quickly turn their web browser into a BIM application just with Javascript, but still get the benefits of a responsive, speedy experience just like a desktop application. It’s based on another famous open source project, called Three.js, which has been powering a huge amount of 3D content that you already see on the internet.

The IFC.js crash course includes 20 hours of videos split into 90 lessons, which you will have lifetime access to. You’ll learn the basics of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and how to then use developer libraries and tools like Git, Three.js, and IFC.js on top. You’ll learn how to read IFCs, write IFCs, edit IFCs, integrate with GIS, generate CAD drawings, manipulate 3D scans, and connect to databases.

The course is only 100USD, with discounts if you’re a patron or based on your country and costs of living. Funds will be invested in further development in IFC.js. So not only do you learn some new tricks, IFC.js will continue to improve, and this will create a mature platform for future innovations and web-based technologies in the AEC industry. To date, IFC.js have raised 20,000USD to help fund their development.

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  1. Mohsen Ansari says:

    can we cubmit later and buy the material of the course ?

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