New open source 4D project planning and controls toolkit

New open source 4D project planning and controls toolkit


There is a new suite of open source 4D project planning and controls libraries developed by Hassam Emam, a professional project planner.

Driven by the lack of collaboration in project planning and controls, we decided to create a suite of open source planning and controls libraries that tackles the gap in this domain. The toolkit is a set of libraries and packages developed in different languages to assist project controls and planning professionals to develop their own software. We have created the following tools:

Our future plans include the following tools:

  • Power BI Gantt Chart Custom Visual
  • BIM 4D Simulation
  • Tracker and registers (design and procurement progress trackers mapped to the schedule)
  • Collaborative planning tools
  • Cost management and earned value analysis tools
  • 5D BIM estimation tool
  • Automated schedule generation from BIM models
  • Mobile applications for progress collection from site using BIM models

We are growing the community contributing to these tools as the main goals to create toolkit by planners for planners. We rely on our community to define their requirements and work very closely with them to test and validate created tools. All tools are under active development and code is publicly available on GitHub. If you are a planning or project controls professional that would like to join us, please feel free to reach out.

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  1. This is just amazing. I have been search for some sort of replacement for Microsoft Project for years and reading this piece of news just makes me super excited!

  2. Max Vomhof says:

    That looks cool!
    Just wondering: Have you checked out OpenProject? It is an open source project management software which has all the “backend” stuff (tasks, milestones, gantt chart, etc.) covered. On top, they have implemented a BIM Viewer and a bcf interface. What would you need to build your workflows on top of their stack?

  3. Moult says:

    @Max BTW I recently spoke to the OpenProject guys and apparently their development on BIM related tools have been stalled for a while now due to lack of user interest / dev resources. I’ll definitely reshare this to them to see if something comes out of it!

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