CAD Sketcher 0.27.0 for Blender update

CAD Sketcher 0.27.0 for Blender update

CAD Sketcher is an add-on to Blender based on SolveSpace that brings the ability to draw parametrically constrained CAD profiles, arcs, and circles. These sketches may have multiple orientations, and are then booleaned together to form parts.

This functionality is critical in the makerspace field, but also has applications in the AEC industry, such as through prototyping bespoke connections or in the fabrication stage of construction. It is also useful when drawing complex forms in architectural designs in Blender where vanilla Blender lacks the constraint solvers that other CAD platforms have. For example, you can draw a profile and specify fixed lengths, angles, or orthogonality / equality of lines and arcs in that profile. These profiles can then be extruded into solids. Multiple solids may be combined, either through a union or a boolean difference to create mechanical parts or other 3D objects. For those familiar with FreeCAD (or have used SolveSpace directly), you’ll find similar workflows now possible in Blender.

Watch the video update here:

The new update is a huge improvement to usability, including the ability to copy, paste, and duplicate sketches, use a marquee selection, and the ability to align a workplane to Blender’s 3D cursor. As usual, a number of bugfixes and polish is also expected.

The next milestone is the big 1.0.0 release. This will represent CAD Sketchers migration from alpha software to a more mature tool for all users. CAD Sketcher has grown significantly since its inception in mid 2021. Since then, it has had over 40,000 download on Gumroad, and over 3,000 users on Discord. Thanks to funding on their OpenCollective, they can now finance 3,000USD towards development to finish the work required to achieve the 1.0.0 release.

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  1. This is so exciting! Is this a new project? I’ve been hearing about all of you for a while but I am not entirely sure how long this super cool initiative has been going on!

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