OSArch LiveStream: Monthly Meetup #11 on a web-based BIM platform and on Building Energy Modelling (BEM) based on BIM

For February's Monthly Meetup, we have two keynote presentations, the first on a web-based BIM platform and the second on Building Energy Modelling (BEM) based on BIM. Thomas Hächler will talk about: an open-source platform to manage BIM data including all aspects with a simple and powerful interface. Based on web technologies and for…
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FOSDEM21 Talk by Dion Moult: The growth of free software in Building Information Modeling for architects, engineers, and construction

Details on how to join this free talk: The architecture, engineering, and construction industry is a vast, diverse, but highly proprietary field. The primary means of data exchange between architects, structural, MEPF engineers, cost planners, surveyors, program schedulers, asset/facility management and more revolve around a concept known as Building Information Modeling (BIM) in addition…
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OSArch LiveStream: Monthly Meetup #12, Gonzalo Casas talks about COMPAS

For the third Monthly Meetup of the year we have the pleasure to host Gonzalo Casas who will present COMPAS, an open-source framework for research and collaboration in Architecture, Engineering, Fabrication, and Construction. More information on the meetup can be found in this link: See you there!

Speckle Community Meetup

This is our quasi-regularly-recurring community meet-up around Speckle. What is Speckle? It's an open source data platform for AEC featuring all sorts of things - like git-like versioning, object based api, schema "agnostic", lossy interoperability and more. Usually our meetups are laid back - we just try and touch base with other specklers and share…
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OSArch LiveStream: Monthly Meetup #13, Dimitrie Stefanescu and Matteo Cominetti present Speckle

For this Monthly Meetup's keynote presentation we are excited to have Dimitrie Stefanescu and Matteo Cominetti present Speckle, a cloud based solution for the AEC industry that provides interoperability, version control, real time collaboration, data management and automation. Live stream link: More info: See you there!

OSArch LiveStream: Monthly Meetup #14, Frédéric Beaupère presents “Blender-BIM Add-ons in Production”

For this monthly meetup we are glad to host Frédéric Beaupère, from ERNE Holzbau and one of the active members of OSArch, to present his work on developing and using two BlenderBIM Add-ons in Production. Ifc_Void_Data: A void data aggregation tool that overlays IFC models of multiple disciplines and combines data of interest for "ProvisionForVoids".…
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OSArch LiveStream: Monthly Meetup #15, Vladimir Elistratov presents “Blender-OSM Add-on: Current state and ongoing development”

In this monthly meetup the keynote presentation will be given by the developer of the Blender-OSM Add-on, Vladimir Elistratov, on its current state and ongoing development. The ultimate goal of the add-on is to generate an environment in Blender out of OpenStreetMap data as realistically as possible. A part of the talk will be dedicated…
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BILT Virtual 2021: A crash course on native IFC and the open-source BlenderBIM Add-on (40mins)

Synopsis: We’re seeing an accelerating trend of users (that’s you!) across many disciplines who are able to code, collaboratively writing a growing ecosystem of free software for our industry. This ecosystem is powered by international standards of data models and relationships. We’re going to go past the current superficial adoption of IFC, and see how…
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CAADFutures2021: Intro to Native IFC and Open Source AEC

Dion Moult will be presenting an introduction on Native IFC and open source AEC applications, like the BlenderBIM Add-on and more at CAAD Futures 2021. This will be a technical workshop, going right into the technical details of how Native IFC works, how you can start coding, how to build your own OpenBIM tools, and…
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