Home Builder by Andyrexic – OSArch Monthly Meetup

For our 9th monthly meetup, Andrew Peel @Andyrexic will give the keynote presentation on Home Builder, an open-source asset library for Blender that focuses on the process of creating interior architectural spaces with a wide variety of parametric assets and features to make designing interior spaces easy for beginners while also providing builders the engineering…
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Livestream: IFC spatial structures with Dion and Petru

Join Dion Moult and Petru Conduraru as they live stream and explain OpenBIM concepts about IFC. This week's topic is about IFC spatial structures.


Online workshop FreeCAD + BIMserver [Spanish]

El próximo miercoles 16 de diciembre a las 17:00 hrs (Argentina/Chile), se dictará un taller/demo del uso de BIMserver con FreeCAD, por Diego Ariel Capeletti. La presentación será en la plataforma jitsi, cuyo link será publicado aquí pronto. FreeCAD link: BIMserver link:


IFC.JS by Antonio González Viegas – OSArch Monthly Meetup

For our 1st monthly meetup of 2021, Antonio González Viegas @agviegas will give the keynote presentation on IFC.js, a library that converts any browser into an IFC viewer, parsing IFC entities to WebGL geometry through THREE.js. Where: When: Registration: