Support OSArch with Money!

Support OSArch with Money!

We’ve been quietly working away in the steering committee to make a platform ready to present projects and manage donations. If you’re ready to become a regular (or one time) supporter just head over to our new OSArch Open Collective and sign up!

What’s the OSArch Open Collective for?

Basically it’s your way to support OSArch and the work we do. You can donate a little to OSArch every month so we can plan our activities and start building strong relationships with projects & activities which need financial support. If you like what we’re doing it’s also just a way to say thanks and let us know. It’s also a way for you to see which projects we believe can give open source / free software the most value for your money right now.

How will the money be used?

Money is either for OSArch itself or specific projects. For now we just have two specific projects while we keep working out the best way to use the platform, select projects and manage money. We’ve started with these two projects which we think strongly represents our aims and values:

As you can see in the diagram below there are lots of projects that could be supported in different ways. We’re working on finding out what works and we still have a lot to learn. Join in on the forum if you have strong opinions or some knowledge about good ways to support the projects we love.

Is it only for software projects?

No! Absolutely not. There are lots of things we would love to be able to support. So many that we had trouble finding a way to organize all the ideas that came out of our Brainstorm on projects we’d like to be able to fund! So we made a diagram to start organizing the ideas.

Is this just about money?

OSArch is about much more than money. We’re all about learning, community, sharing knowledge, open standards, open data, and of course libre & opensource software. For some types of projects money is useful. That’s what the OSArch Open Collective is put in the world to help us manage. The OSArch Open Collective is currently the only way to support us directly. But if you’re ready to support libre / opens source software for AEC we’re not the only place to send your money. We want you to give support in whatever way is best for you. We’ve made a whole directory of software projects you can support directly. If you already have a pretty good idea of what you want to support then that’s a good place to look.

Help us spread the word

If you’re ready to help us spread the word and build some finances share this post, join our social media, subscribe to our newsletter.

We think this is a big step so we’re excited to hear what people think and hope you’ll join the conversation.

Thanks for being involved!

The OSArch Steering Committee

Peter Sande (cadgiru), Bruno Postle, Ioannis Christovasilis (jesusbill), Ryan Schultz (theoryshaw), Dion Moult & Duncan Lithgow

Support us by helping spread the word

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