A new browser IFC viewer is released in IFC.js

A new browser IFC viewer is released in IFC.js

IFC viewer

IFC.js is an open source project created by Antonio Gonzales Viegas. It is a new JavaScript library that turns any browser into an IFC viewer. It is a quick and easy way to visualize your IFC files. In addition, as it is browser based, you can also use this in mobile devices.

The library works as described in the project documentation:

This project reads IFC files, structures their data in memory and converts them to Three.js custom geometric entities for display in any browser. Even though there are many libraries capable of parsing IFC formats, almost all of them depend on communication with a server, with all the disadvantages that this entails. The development of the parser entirely in JavaScript makes it possible to decentralize parsing, so that each client is able to read an IFC file and display its geometry and parameters to the user on its own.

This approach means that it uses less bandwidth, making it a faster IFC viewer then most web-based applications. IFC.js is still in an early development stage. If you want to try it out, you should start with light files. The developer set up two examples that you can explore. There is a simple room with a little furniture and a more complex example in a two-story space, with railings and a stair

If you have any comments or suggestions, it is important to give the developer feedback to enhance the library. You can do this by reporting issues or opening discussions on the project’s GitHub page. For more general discussion you can always open a topic on the OS Arch community page.

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  1. Duncan Lithgow says:

    Antonio González Viegas @agviegas will present IFC.js, a library that converts any browser into an IFC viewer, parsing IFC entities to WebGL geometry through THREE.js.


  2. Marko says:

    Great work.

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