Geometry Nodes is coming to Blender 2.92

Geometry Nodes is coming to Blender 2.92

Geometry Nodes

The Blender development team has a project called Everything Nodes, which consists in creating a node based workflow for each of Blender main functionalities. One of the most exciting, the Geometry Nodes, is currently under development. This week they announced that it will be available for Blender 2.92. The official release is scheduled for February 2021, but they already released its alpha version. You can check it here!

The current development focus on to the next Blender Open Movie called “Sprite Fight”. So, they are targeting use cases that can help the movie production. But the community have already explored the Geometry Nodes possibilities for architecture. It looks like a powerful tool to create parametric objects such stairs, windows, doors and furniture.

With Geometry Nodes you can combine different geometries and create a relationship between different parameters. The node based workflow allows you to connect outputs and inputs. That way, you can relate the scale of one geometry with the location of another, for example. So forth, you can combine multiple geometries to get the result you want. To create a table, for instance, you can start with a cube as a base model. Then, you can create copies, transform their location, scale or rotation and then join the geometry. Finally, the best part is that you can select some of those inputs and make them visible for the user in the modifiers panel. You can also name those parameters as you want. That way, when the object is finished, you have control over the parameters without the need to come back to the node editor.

This tool is in very early stages but already seem like a tool that could help many architects. Using it in combination with the Blender BIM add-on can be a very powerful BIM workflow. So, give it a try and explore its possibilities!

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